For the latest in removable prosthodontics (dentures), Contemporary Smiles is your clear choice.

The latest in
flexible dentures

Some of the options on offer include:
the latest, flexible, full and partial dentures that look and feel like your own teeth and gums,
full and partial dentures with soft linings for comfort,
full upper dentures with alloy palates for maximum temperature sensation,
cast gold dentures for appearance and value,
cast titanium dentures for strength, light weight and ultimate biocompatibility,
partial dentures without clasps stabilized by precision retainers on teeth,
full dentures stabilized by titanium implants, etc.

The latest flexible denture
replacing rigid metal
and plastic


A conventional hard
acrylic-alloy partial denture
with unsightly clasps

Which one would you rather have?

A flexible denture clasp
blends with the surrounding
tissue and virtually disappears